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Big Data By Law Professor Improves Patent Valuation
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Andrew Torrance, a law professor based at the University of Kansas and his colleague Jevin West at the University of Washington have created a new way to apply big data to determining the value of a patent. They recently distributed a review that offers an intense strategy to assess patents, either exclusively or gathered together into enormous portfolios. Their new approach uses big data to examine huge volumes of information related to each patent. 


Making Analysis Easier

It is exceedingly hard to precisely decide what value patents hold. For example, what amount will it cost...

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Development of the Big Data market until 2016
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In the name of BITKOM the consulting company Crisp Research has analyzed the growth and development of the Big Data market and made some forecast until 2016. An important number of this project is the growth of the global spending’s for Big Data products and services in 2014 up to 73,5 billion Euro. This is a growth of 66% up to 2013. Thats a clear sign, that Big Data is getting more and more important.

The usage of Big Data is getting more miscellaneous from research, to development, market analytics up to production and all concern of daily life. Especially the growing cross-linking of...

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What do Germans think about Big Data and data protection
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Deutsche Telekom wanted to know how Germans think about Big Data in combination with data protection. The Handelsblatt Research Institut made a study “Big Data and data protection” in order of the Deutsche Telekom.

The results of this study show a positive trend and Germany is on the right track. Data protection is seen on a high level, but it could be better. 62% of the respondents want more data protection. But most of the Germans are aware, that data protection already starts on their end, with all the information they give away. 95% say, that they keep an eye on what personal information...

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