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The Huge Potential of Big Data to Increase ROI
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Many companies are reaping the benefits of big data, successfully turning around poor growth and driving their return on investment (ROI). Collecting big data is a challenge in itself but, fortunately, there are professional companies who can help with this. Once you start to harvest your big data, the potential benefits far outweigh any challenges. You can learn about your customers, your websites, and your product/service performance to improve your offerings and, therefore, your ROI.

How big data can help with your ROI

Big data can tell you what websites, social networks, and news...

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Integrating Big Data and Creativity in Marketing
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Big Data gives a business an upper hand in its activities in more ways than one. It gives businesses a better way of planning and setting achievable goals. The evolution of businesses in a bid to meet customers' demands in marketing has always been influenced by the availability of Big Data. Creativity, on the other hand, cannot be erased in marketing. Integration of these two facets, Big Data and Creativity, in marketing is a very potent undertaking.


Why we need Big Data

Data access is not limited to geographical location. It can be accessed from many devices and this...

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Practical Advice
Data Management Platforms for Marketers
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A data management platform (DMP) is a software that is used to store campaign and audience data from all sources. It offers a localised means of managing and accessing data for marketers where they can retrieve cookie IDs and mobile identifiers to allow them to create targeted segments for advertising through digital campaigns. 


Why are DMPs used by marketers?

A DMP provides marketers with an easy access to information which would be impossible to manage when data is not in a central location. With DMPs, marketers are able to build audience segments for advertisement using the...

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Predictive Analytics with Big Data for SMBs
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Big Data analyses for sales and marketing can push your business. But complex predictive analytics with Big Data need much calculation power and setup costs and planning could be very expensive.

Therefore the cloud solution of ProfitBricks could be a good alternative. With Infrastructure as a Service and G|PREDICTIVE SMBs can access analyses of huge data sources to get unerring prognoses about the purchase behavior of their clients. Due to the usage of cloud services and IaaS a pay per use-module is used for billing. With this Big Data prognoses for sales and marketing SMBs are able to...

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Big Data for hotel industry
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Austrian hotelier organization ÖHV has seen the big chances for the hotel industry in using big data and cooperate with Toedt, Dr. Selk & Coll GmbH exclusively to use their know how and specialized software dailypoint.

The hotel industry is producing a big amount of data that needs to be handled and analyzed. These data are bookings, feedbacks from client, special needs and more. Especially Marketing and Sales have a need for this knowledge and dont want to loose any important data that could be used for better marketing and knowledge about the need of their clients. There is no...

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