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The Temperature Is Rising: Vodafone IoT Barometer 2017
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Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have continued to rise in adoption for the last years and organisations continue to adopt IoT. Vodafone's recently published annual IoT Barometer highlights some of the key areas to which IoT has a significant effect. 


The Effect of IoT in Revenue and Cost

Institutions are using IoT to transform their services and many of them have measured a return on investment (ROI) since their adoption. Businesses recorded a 19% increase in the revenue generated in their operations since the adoption of IoT and an average of 16% cost...

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Our cities are about to get a whole lot smarter
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We've already got smart cars and smart appliances so it's logical that the next step should be smart cities. Indeed, there's already an example of one, Kansas City in the U.S. But what exactly does a smart city entail?

Essentially, it's a city that gathers information and uses communication technology for slicker operations, sharing information with the public, and improving services and safety on a number of levels. 

Increased economic growth and a higher standard of living

The ultimate goal of smart cities is to optimise city functions with the desired effect...

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The Revolution of IoT
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Internet of things (IoT) is expected to take a significant turn in its growth in the next 3 years. Following IoT Developer Survey 2015-2016 many executives are aware of this looming revolution and a few of them have made strategies on how to keep their businesses relevant. Some of the key IoT developer trends that were found in 2017's survey are:


1. Security

Security remains to be the key concern with 46.7% respondents admitting that it remains a major disquiet. Business security has been compromised on various occasions with the ever rising cases of malware attack....

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Is it possible to generate income from Internet of Things Data?
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Making money from the Internet of Things (IoT) data is still in its infancy, but showing signs of future promise, if handled correctly. The data company Evything works closely with some top brands, including Nike and Coca Cola, to monetise data in ways to suit the customer, without in any way compromising customer information by selling it on to third parties.

Some of the ways information can be gathered and analysed to produce additional sales and monetisation include:

  • tracking goods and products already purchased, so customer contact can be initiated at times they are no longer in use
  • ...

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Of the Internet of Things and the Chip
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10 years have passed since Apple first introduced the iPhone and much advancement in technology has been witnessed. Memory chips and processors have been developed into smaller units with more functioning capability. Most of these advances have been effected in a bid to catch up with the needs of consumers. Chip makers have seen much pressure to make smaller chips which are also powerful. 

The Internet of Things is a new era that has just dawned to offer a new whole experience and a unique array of products. In the coming decade, it is predicted the tech industry could produce...

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