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Goolge Announce Quantum Leap
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Goole has recently announced it is getting a stage further to the realisation of the quantum computer replacing the super computer with the evolution of it's 'Bristlecone' processor. Still in it's infancy and development stage it does however boast an impressive 72 qubit speed – significantly greater than any forerunners.


Have they revealed too soon?

There are many seemingly insurmountable factors that need to be overcome before quantum processing can truly become a day to day reality. Quantum processing currently relies on extreme low temperature control...

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Product Information
The New Google AI - faster acces to insights
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On September 9, Google came up with a new feature to supplement its analytics to tap Artificial Intelligence (AI) so that insights can be generated automatically. The feature enables you to zero in to your specific data without consuming a lot of your time. You will now be able to generate numerous data surrounding your area of interest.

The automated feature, which is now supported in the Assistant screen found in the mobile app of Google analytics, allows you to gain access in just five minutes for what might have taken hours previously. This is according to a product manager from Google...

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IT Giants Vow to Trust One Another
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Microsoft and Google have long been major rivals in various part of the IT sector. The competition between the two technology giants has led to multiple court cases across the world, with each party claiming the other has breached competition and regulatory laws. 

Recently these legal battles have been halted, as the pair have apparently decided that the best way forward is to sort out their differences in private. Both Google and Microsoft have appointed new chief executives in the last few years - Satya Nadella for Microsoft and Sundar Pichai of Google. The two executives are on...

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Google Launches New Plans With the Open Stack Hybrid
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OpenStack, a Google’s cloud computing platform has released yet another universal update of its code, which is a vital aspect that has deepened the relationship between the platform and Google’s public cloud. Google confirmed that the release of OpenStack will serve as a backup option for OpenStack Cinder in the public cloud. While this is not large software, it serves a significant role that will make the platform better. 

Save everything easily

The Google’s OpenStack block backup layer works with drivers to communicate to various storage providers. The system also...

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