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How websites get you data with your Facebook login
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Even before Facebook is able to recover from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, further security vulnerabilities in the site have been exposed. Researchers from Freedom to Tinker have discovered how hidden JavaScript trackers in some sites can harvest data of users who use the Facebook login. With this feature, users can log in into websites easily by using some information from their Facebook accounts.


What are the risks involved?

The researchers who discovered this flaw point out that these hidden trackers have the ability to harvest more data than the user intends to provide....

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The Facebook & Cambridge Analytica Scandal
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Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics firm, and Facebook recently came into the spotlight when it was discovered that the analytics firm had harvested information from users without their permission. It is estimated that the firm accessed the information of more than 50 million users and used it to build profiles of voters.


How did this happen?

Harvesting of the data was done in June 2014. It involved an app developed by Aleksandr Kogan, a professor in psychology. It asked users to take a survey and download an app. The app would collect personal information from users and their...

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