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The Facebook & Cambridge Analytica Scandal
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Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics firm, and Facebook recently came into the spotlight when it was discovered that the analytics firm had harvested information from users without their permission. It is estimated that the firm accessed the information of more than 50 million users and used it to build profiles of voters.


How did this happen?

Harvesting of the data was done in June 2014. It involved an app developed by Aleksandr Kogan, a professor in psychology. It asked users to take a survey and download an app. The app would collect personal information from users and their...

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Practical Advise
3 Ways to Secure Your Data Storage
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Data is a crucial element in the operation of every company, but wrong storage can lead to the company’s downfall. Customers’ data should be secured and not shared with a third-party without their consent and many firms, especially SMEs, are most affected as they lack the right resources to protect their data. There are, however, various means that can be used to store data safely and protect both the company and its clients. 


1. Employee Training

Employees are the core data handlers in your company and should be enlightened on the various...

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Businesses are becoming lazy in securing their data
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The increased number of data breaches over the past one year should be enough to worry many organisations around the world. Last year's statistics by Gemalto point to nearly 1.4 billion data breaches annually. 

Apparently, many organisations will only take appropriate measures to secure their data after a data breach has already occurred. An obvious example is that a majority of IT experts employed by many organisations still believe that perimeter security is still effective at keeping hackers out of their networks. This is according to the findings of Gemalto's latest report...

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Inside Story
Research shows it’s hard to secure the Cloud
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Cloud computing has become the talk of the day in every organisation. IT managers find at least one aspect of cloud computing useful to their organisations. As the idea of cloud computing continues to fascinate top managers and staff in companies, IT experts are continually finding it difficult to keep the data and applications in the cloud safe.

The results of research conducted by Intel indicate that IT experts in various countries acknowledge that the biggest challenge in the cloud computing era is keeping data safe from various human security threats.



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Secure BYOD with Big Data
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BYOD is no longer just a trend, its daily business. Security expert Mike Reagan from LogRhythm says we need to change our mind. It is no longer a question if a mobile device could be stolen or lost and could be a risk for the company, we have to know the time this happens and its important how fast we are able to respond.

And big data is the key of success. With applications like LogRhythm you can add all devices used by employees and log and analyze their user-behavior in the company network. This application needs to record the data-usage from employees for daily work, the amout of data...

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