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The Fundamentals of Platform as a Service
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Platform as a service is a cloud-computing model that allows a third-party provider to offer IT resources, including hardware and software. The third-party provider houses the infrastructure on its own servers, meaning that clients don’t have to install the tools they require on-premise. Businesses don’t leave the entire IT system to the provider though, rather, the two parties work hand-in-hand. PaaS offers enterprises everything they need to carry out their IT operations regardless of the complexity or size. 


What PaaS Offers

Platform as a service builds an...

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Why Changing From Cloud To On Premise Can Be Wise
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In recent years, many companies have found it advantageous to move to the cloud. This has especially been driven by the numerous benefits associated with cloud computing. For example, a business may find running initial services in the cloud as straightforward and relatively cheaper than setting on on premise systems and the cloud is also scalable. However, as the company grows bigger, the decision to stay in the cloud may not entirely be the right decision.


Some of the disadvantages associated with the cloud

While at first cloud computing seems cost-effective, as a company...

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Inside Story
Research shows it’s hard to secure the Cloud
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Cloud computing has become the talk of the day in every organisation. IT managers find at least one aspect of cloud computing useful to their organisations. As the idea of cloud computing continues to fascinate top managers and staff in companies, IT experts are continually finding it difficult to keep the data and applications in the cloud safe.

The results of research conducted by Intel indicate that IT experts in various countries acknowledge that the biggest challenge in the cloud computing era is keeping data safe from various human security threats.



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