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Big Data Myths And Truths
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Big Data is a huge deal right now. Everyone is talking about it, about the impending seven hells it is just about to rain down upon us. A quick Google search of the phrase reveals 3.36 billion results. That puts into perspective how much of a big deal this is. Everyone is talking about how a time will come when we will be flooded with so much information we will run out of places to put it and we will have no idea what to do with it all. But those are all lies. And here is why. 


The Big Data Lie 

Many people believe that soon we are going to be overwhelmed by Big Data. They...

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Measures against failing big data projects
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Recent studies show that most organisations that undertake big data projects do not get any positive results. Organisations are therefore focusing on the measures discussed below to ensure that their big data projects are a success. 


Identifying the Organisation Goals 

Most businesses make use of big data for the sake of it without any clear objectives set down. Putting down a firm’s target for undertaking a big data project at the beginning goes a long way in ensuring the project has a straightforward direction and a goal that the firm can work for. 



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Big Data calls the shots on the sports field
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Big Data can be defined as " When very large sets of data containing interactions and behaviour of humans are analysed by a computer software program with the purpose to identify any trend or pattern in the interactions and behaviour". It was inevitable that sports teams would turn to Big Data systems as an aid to improve their performance when playing against each other. With the competition to be the best intensifying and the need for data about players and their performance greater than ever before, it wasn't long before software developers came up with programs to analyse...

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Improvement of Productivity through Digitization 2018
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Recently, Horvath & Partners have conducted a study which shows the remarkable progress made by companies that have decided to embrace digitalization. According to the study, incorporating new technology into the day-to-day firm’s activities has facilitated higher productivity, high-quality service delivery, and cost reduction.



Many firms including German-speaking nations believe that incorporating robotics initiates productivity and makes the companies more profitable. Robotics or RPA entail the use of programmed software robots to execute selected processes....

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Things That CEOs Must Do To Harness the Potential of Big Data
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Gathering big data and analytics is rapidly becoming a new edge of competitive differentiation. While companies such as Google, Amazon.com, and Netflix take the limelight in this space, many companies are silently making great progress. Pharmaceutical, retailing, insurance and telecommunications companies have recently started advancing big data strategies. The activities of these companies exemplify fresh strategic tactics to big data and show the challenges CEOs face as they work to break the organisational inertia that prevents big data creativities from advancing. Here are some...

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Big Data – What’s it really worth?
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We’re at the dawn of a new era, where the correct utilisation of data in business models can be an underlying factor that reflects profits. Various approaches can be taken when enhancing a business’s decision-making process and when calculating the true value of data. These include the use of analytics, sandboxes and solutions, data warehouses and business intelligence systems.

The benefits gained from data can be classified using the four V’s. By looking at data from these four perspectives, provides a greater scope for understanding the potential benefits...

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A Guide to Big Data Definition and Development
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Big data is causing a revolution in the technology world. However, few people know its definition even the expert IT professionals are finding it hard to peg down a single definition to this big word. The following definitions are some of the ways that you can describe big data:



Microsoft has defined big data as a process that is used for application of computing power. It employs the use of the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to convey massive and complex information.



On the other hand, Oracle defines big data as a derivative...

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The Emerging Role of Big Data Within the Healthcare Sector
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Technology plays more of a role within the healthcare industry than ever before. Not only does this provide unprecedented benefits to the general public, but even the ways in which diseases may be detected in the future are set to change. One of the central players within this revolution is big data. While the concept of big data has primarily been associated within the IT sector, this is starting to change. Health experts are now appreciating the impact that this methodology will have. Still, there are specific challenges that need to be faced in order to truly leverage the power of big...

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Practical Advice
How to Gauge the Value of Big Data for Business
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Big data has been advertised as a critical element for organisations, and many have invested in it, but not all of them have been able to measure the ROI generated. In instances where big data has paid off, the results are calculated in terms of efficiency and speed, which may not be a true reflection of value. It falls to the IT department to point out the real contributions that big data has made towards revenue growth. Companies can eliminate this disengagement in several ways to see more value:


1. Clear Business Goals and Metrics

The presence of well-defined objectives for...

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When To Use A Data Warehouse And A Data Lake?
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Data Warehouses and Data Lakes are storage repositories for data, used by enterprises to accumulate data from a wide range of sources. A data lake holds raw data in its native format, using a flat architecture. A data warehouse, in contrast, stores data hierarchically, in files or folders.

Fundamental Differences Between Data Warehouse and Data Lake

The fundamental difference between data warehouse and data lake is in the architecture. A data warehouse is highly-structured and integrated with the business process associated with the data. In contrast, data lakes are agile, with no...

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