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What Businesses Need To Know About Prescriptive Analytics
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Prescriptive analytics is a part of business analytics that is used to find the most appropriate course of action in various situations. Prescriptive analytics is associated with predictive and descriptive analytics. Prescriptive analytics finds the best outcome among many choices when all the parameters are known. Descriptive analytics provides an understanding of what has happened. 


Perspective Analytics as a Tool for Decision Making 

As a process-intensive task, the prescriptive method analyses possible decisions, the connections between those decisions, and the...

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What will be the future of CPUs after Spectre and Meltdown?
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The procedure of spotting and fixing CPUs after Spectre and Meltdown has been one extensive discussion that microprocessor experts are yet to agree on. It requires a lot more research and talks among experts to come up with the ultimate solution. Before exploring the suggested solutions so far, it is essential to understand what happens for a CPU to be considered as having Spectre and Meltdown. 

Meltdown and Spectre are flaws that cause attacks that exploit the speculative execution feature of microprocessors where the processor assumes which instruction branch to take and execute....

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What you Need to know about Smart Data
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Smart Data is digital information that is created by turning big data into actionable information with the aim of running organisational processes effectively. The transformation process facilitates process optimisation, technical application procedures, and self-driven marketing. It entails prompt data interpretation and analysis to enable analysts to make business decisions when the system puts the information into the most appropriate context. 


Why Use Smart Data? 

Previously, batch processing was used to do analytics. It involved collecting information according to...

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