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Measures against failing big data projects
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Recent studies show that most organisations that undertake big data projects do not get any positive results. Organisations are therefore focusing on the measures discussed below to ensure that their big data projects are a success. 


Identifying the Organisation Goals 

Most businesses make use of big data for the sake of it without any clear objectives set down. Putting down a firm’s target for undertaking a big data project at the beginning goes a long way in ensuring the project has a straightforward direction and a goal that the firm can work for. 



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Is Data Governance Something Your Business Needs? 
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Data Governance is another term for data management and optimisation. It is not just about the safe and private storage of information but is also about the efficient use of data without compromising security or data integrity. The fact is that you already partake of some form of data governance, so the question is, should you invest resources in improving your current data governance framework?


Do Not Get Bogged Down With Details

An expensive consultancy will bog you down with unneeded details. You do not need to know how an internal combustion engine works to successfully use vans...

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