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How websites get you data with your Facebook login
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Even before Facebook is able to recover from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, further security vulnerabilities in the site have been exposed. Researchers from Freedom to Tinker have discovered how hidden JavaScript trackers in some sites can harvest data of users who use the Facebook login. With this feature, users can log in into websites easily by using some information from their Facebook accounts.


What are the risks involved?

The researchers who discovered this flaw point out that these hidden trackers have the ability to harvest more data than the user intends to provide....

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Big Data – What’s it really worth?
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We’re at the dawn of a new era, where the correct utilisation of data in business models can be an underlying factor that reflects profits. Various approaches can be taken when enhancing a business’s decision-making process and when calculating the true value of data. These include the use of analytics, sandboxes and solutions, data warehouses and business intelligence systems.

The benefits gained from data can be classified using the four V’s. By looking at data from these four perspectives, provides a greater scope for understanding the potential benefits...

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A Guide to Big Data Definition and Development
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Big data is causing a revolution in the technology world. However, few people know its definition even the expert IT professionals are finding it hard to peg down a single definition to this big word. The following definitions are some of the ways that you can describe big data:



Microsoft has defined big data as a process that is used for application of computing power. It employs the use of the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to convey massive and complex information.



On the other hand, Oracle defines big data as a derivative...

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