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Key Considerations for Data Storage Management
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The importance and value of data to a modern business can not be under-estimated. Rapid retrieval and data security are paramount to the operation and success of any business. Finding the right data storage management solution is not a one size fits all scenario, and will need regular monitoring to ensure it continues to serve as a cost effective solution. Data storage managers can also be dealing with other time consuming tasks, from end user support to overall system management. However by allocating consistent time to plan your data storage management you not only help optimise data...

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Emerging Markets: The Adaptation of Blockchain as a Service is Inevitable 
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Building a blockchain system is a very demanding process. You need to put in place a dedicated bandwidth management framework and resource allocation, back-end IT infrastructure, complex data security, and anti-hacking systems. The procedure is very challenging, but many organizations could profit from this innovation. 

That is precisely why blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) is evolving. BaaS is a collection of cloud-based services that enable clients to build, create, launch, and manage blockchain networks. Cloud companies have the infrastructure in place to host blockchain frameworks...

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The Concept of Data Thinking and Its Place in Business
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Data is a critical element in running any organisation. Numerous decisions that are made in the day-to-day operations rely on different kinds of data. Technological advances have revolutionised the collection, analysis and use of data. This evolution is what has led to innovations like the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and machine learning. All these developments cater to specific data-driven needs. As data-centric applications increase, it has become necessary for individuals to understand them better, which is where Data Thinking comes in. 


The Concept of...

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Big Data Myths And Truths
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Big Data is a huge deal right now. Everyone is talking about it, about the impending seven hells it is just about to rain down upon us. A quick Google search of the phrase reveals 3.36 billion results. That puts into perspective how much of a big deal this is. Everyone is talking about how a time will come when we will be flooded with so much information we will run out of places to put it and we will have no idea what to do with it all. But those are all lies. And here is why. 


The Big Data Lie 

Many people believe that soon we are going to be overwhelmed by Big Data. They...

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Smart Home Devices and Their Threats to Power Grids
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When you install a connected device such as an air conditioner into your home or office, you may be inviting hackers who might be in the position to use the appliance to bring down the power grid. They may also use the device to attack other high profile targets. 

This cautionary comes courtesy of Princeton University security department researchers who are much worried about lack of the security in smart home devices. The researchers mainly focused on the appliances such as water heaters and air conditioners since they have found a botnet that is made up of thousands of...

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What is Hyperscale Computing?
Thumb hyperscaler

The term ‘Hyperscale Computing', is used to describe the process of efficiently scaling up distributed computing environments, from a few servers to thousands of them, and the provisioning and facilities required in order for this task to be completed. 

In comparison to conventional computing, the structural design of hyperscale computing can be quite different. Conventional computing environments usually employ high-grade constructs, for example, the ones found in blade systems. These constructs are usually abandoned in Hyperscale computing, in place of a more stripped-down...

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Cyber Attackers may be using Sleeper Cells to Attack
Thumb sleepercells

Cyber attacks have been on the rise for a long time. Attackers have advanced their ways of attacking computer networks to gain access to business information that is supposed to be confidential. Various countries have been involved in such cyber battles, where one country tries to hack into another country’s computer networks, to gain access to confidential business information that may benefit their country’s economy. While every country in the world tries extra hard to secure its private information from cyber sabotage, it is evident that there some loopholes that need to be...

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Challenges facing smart cities
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While the definition of a smart city will vary, its main aim is to optimize functions and driving economic growth in a city to improve the quality of the inhabitants lifes. It does this by using data analysis and taking advantage of smart technologies such as the Internet of Things and the cloud. With more than 50% of the world's population now living in cities and the number expected to rise, the idea of establishing smart cities is increasingly gaining attention. However, here are some of the challenges facing the implementation of this concept.



Funding a...

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What Businesses Need To Know About Prescriptive Analytics
Thumb prescriptiveanalytics

Prescriptive analytics is a part of business analytics that is used to find the most appropriate course of action in various situations. Prescriptive analytics is associated with predictive and descriptive analytics. Prescriptive analytics finds the best outcome among many choices when all the parameters are known. Descriptive analytics provides an understanding of what has happened. 


Perspective Analytics as a Tool for Decision Making 

As a process-intensive task, the prescriptive method analyses possible decisions, the connections between those decisions, and the...

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What will be the future of CPUs after Spectre and Meltdown?
Thumb spectre meltdown

The procedure of spotting and fixing CPUs after Spectre and Meltdown has been one extensive discussion that microprocessor experts are yet to agree on. It requires a lot more research and talks among experts to come up with the ultimate solution. Before exploring the suggested solutions so far, it is essential to understand what happens for a CPU to be considered as having Spectre and Meltdown. 

Meltdown and Spectre are flaws that cause attacks that exploit the speculative execution feature of microprocessors where the processor assumes which instruction branch to take and execute....

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