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Successful Data Analytics
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Data is one of the most significant assets for any business, but it may not achieve its intended objective if not analysed correctly. Data analytics has been used by many successful firms to reduce fraud and waste, enhance quality, increase productivity, avoid, boost revenue, improve customer service, and optimise strategies, among other things that the business needs to focus on. Data analytics is a process that requires prior planning to achieve its mission. 


Inclusion and Project Determination

The first step in data analytics is determining the kind of problem that needs...

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Ransomware gets an evil brother: extortionware on the rise
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Many people are aware of the widespread ransomware, but only a few know or have experienced extortionware. Although these two elements are security threats, their definition is different and may have diverse effects on the firm. Ransomware involves cyber criminals taking information and blackmailing the company to part with a defined sum of money to have it restored. In this case, the attack may be by the use of a virus which restricts data access by the attacked firm. When such an occurrence happens, the company may risk losing all its data if they do not have an alternative backup.


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Cyber Crime is costing enterprises more and more money
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In the course of the most recent two years, the expenses due to cyber crime have increased: The new Cost of Cyber Crime Study by Accenture and the Ponemon Institute implies that costs are 23 percent higher than last year and summing up to US$11.7 million. In this number are included the costs for cyber security measurments and the time spent for business recovery in case of an attack. However, current spending is somewhat misled as it fails to prevent data breaches and hacks.

Certain branches are more often targeted than others

Nearby, the...

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Practical Advise
3 Ways to Secure Your Data Storage
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Data is a crucial element in the operation of every company, but wrong storage can lead to the company’s downfall. Customers’ data should be secured and not shared with a third-party without their consent and many firms, especially SMEs, are most affected as they lack the right resources to protect their data. There are, however, various means that can be used to store data safely and protect both the company and its clients. 


1. Employee Training

Employees are the core data handlers in your company and should be enlightened on the various...

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How Predictive Analytics Disrupts the Status-Quo
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Among the emerging technologies which have gained widespread acceptance, and have the potential to cause significant disruptions, is predictive analytics. Predictive analytics measures and analyses variables, to unearth patterns, and predict the likely behaviour of machinery or people


How Predictive Analytics Works

The emergence of Big Data has fuelled the growth of predictive analytics. A data model for predictive analytics co-opts many variables likely to influence the outcome of an event. Predictive analytics software applies advanced algorithms and statistical...

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The Huge Potential of Big Data to Increase ROI
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Many companies are reaping the benefits of big data, successfully turning around poor growth and driving their return on investment (ROI). Collecting big data is a challenge in itself but, fortunately, there are professional companies who can help with this. Once you start to harvest your big data, the potential benefits far outweigh any challenges. You can learn about your customers, your websites, and your product/service performance to improve your offerings and, therefore, your ROI.

How big data can help with your ROI

Big data can tell you what websites, social networks, and news...

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New Reaper botnet threatens business security
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IT specialists are becoming increasingly concerned by a growing risk to their intelligent devices. Known as the IoT_Reaper botnet, the new threat looks for embedded hardware such as the latest security cameras, in which it can hide, covertly harness processor power and direct attacks at selected targets.


Why hack security cameras?

Hacking IP cameras may not be merely for destructive malevolence, but to tamper with the output for criminal reasons. It is this latter possibility that alarms experts; hackers might take advantage for nefarious purposes, especially robberies. 


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Practical Advice
4 Measurements to protect your business from ransomware attacks
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Ransomware has been a dangerous threat to many small and large businesses for over six years now. Unfortunately, this type of cybercrime isn’t going away, but it can be prevented. Here are some tips on how you can protect your business from ransomware attacks. 


1. Update your computer system regularly

Cyber criminals usually find it easier to attack older versions of operating systems and browsers. However, if you keep all your business computers constantly updated, hackers will be less prepared to attack them as they won’t be able to figure out how to compromise the...

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The Temperature Is Rising: Vodafone IoT Barometer 2017
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Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have continued to rise in adoption for the last years and organisations continue to adopt IoT. Vodafone's recently published annual IoT Barometer highlights some of the key areas to which IoT has a significant effect. 


The Effect of IoT in Revenue and Cost

Institutions are using IoT to transform their services and many of them have measured a return on investment (ROI) since their adoption. Businesses recorded a 19% increase in the revenue generated in their operations since the adoption of IoT and an average of 16% cost...

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Microsoft Develops a New Approach to Tackle Quantum Computing
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The concept of quantum computing has now existed for some time and it seems that such an idea could be associated with the Microsoft brand name. The company has recently announced that it is in the process of developing a quantum toolkit which will initially run with the help of a simulator. In order to appreciate the potential impact of this development, it is first necessary to appreciate the fundamentals behind quantum computing before understanding the approach that Microsoft intends to take.


Quantum Computing at a Glance

Traditional computers utilise the binary aspect of a...

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