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The latest about the TPC-DS Version 2.0 benchmark and its differences/similarities to its previous version
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TPC-DS 2.0 is a standard benchmark for measuring SQL-based data. This new version was specially designed for big data while keeping all the important characteristics of a support benchmark. The following are the biggest differences and similarities between versions 1.0 and 2.0, which reveal the reason why big data has attracted so much interest. 

When it comes to CPU and memory utilisation, the 1.0 version of TPC-DS has the ability to perform highly complex tasks as it’s designed to assess large volumes of data. Version 2.0 comes with an even bigger database size of up to 100TB....

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Apache Arrow - The future standard for Data Layout

Apache Arrow enables the execution engines to utilize Single Input Media Data (SIMD) that are included in modern processors thereby ensuring that performance is enhanced. In fact, execution performance of some workloads will see a 10-100x faster rate of operation. The CPU caches can be used well since Arrow organizes data in a column form indicating that data of the same format will be grouped together unlike the row form that breaks down the data. It is, therefore, appropriate to state that Arrow will ensure better performance of execution engines due to this columnar layout of data;...

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The Honorable Presto That Helps To Collect Data
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What Is Presto?
Presto is an open source SQL query engine that has been designed for running interactive analytical queries alongside data sources of varying sizes from regular gigabytes to petabytes. 

How Does It Work?
Presto works by querying data from where it is situated to relational databases. A single query can combine data from numerous sources, which allows analytics across an organization. 

The Presto system is used in Java and combines different things together so they work as one unit with the rest of the data. Presto bypasses common issues of Java code related to...

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AddThis’s Hydra Takes on Hadoop
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AddThis’s team of engineers has developed Hydra: A big data storage, and processing platform. The creator of Hydra has it that the multi-headed platform can take on some Big Data tasks that give Hadoop a rough time. AddThis was in need of an extensible distributed system to deliver real-time analysis of data to clients, and Hadoop was not the answer to the company at the moment, so they developed Hydra. AddThis’s Hydra, available under an open source Apache version 2.0 License was first developed six years ago as a remote platform built to process semi-structured social...

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Is it possible to generate income from Internet of Things Data?
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Making money from the Internet of Things (IoT) data is still in its infancy, but showing signs of future promise, if handled correctly. The data company Evything works closely with some top brands, including Nike and Coca Cola, to monetise data in ways to suit the customer, without in any way compromising customer information by selling it on to third parties.

Some of the ways information can be gathered and analysed to produce additional sales and monetisation include:

  • tracking goods and products already purchased, so customer contact can be initiated at times they are no longer in use
  • ...

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Network Segmentation: Critical Factors and Benefits to Consider
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Whether you are in the process of setting up a small or big business networks, you need to consider issues related to security, efficiency, and traffic. This also applies to your home network, and one way of addressing these issues is by implementing network segmentation. 

1. Security Benefits
Network segmentation comes with a couple of security advantages. The first one is that you will have segments that are not sharing traffic, meaning that in case one computer gets compromised in a specific segment, it’s not going to automatically grant the hacker or attacker free access to...

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Who Will Benefit from Smart Metering?

Most people are conscious about their energy footprint and would like to reduce their expenditure on energy as much as possible. Smart metering is a technology that has brought into play some basic concepts that can help users to control and manage their energy consumption. The concept behind smart metering was to offer real time metering information that can help consumers and suppliers to manage energy in a better manner. 

Almost real-time information about energy consumption
With intelligent features, smart meters are going to replace the old systems (analog gadgets). The features...

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Of the Internet of Things and the Chip
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10 years have passed since Apple first introduced the iPhone and much advancement in technology has been witnessed. Memory chips and processors have been developed into smaller units with more functioning capability. Most of these advances have been effected in a bid to catch up with the needs of consumers. Chip makers have seen much pressure to make smaller chips which are also powerful. 

The Internet of Things is a new era that has just dawned to offer a new whole experience and a unique array of products. In the coming decade, it is predicted the tech industry could produce...

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Enhanced Data Safety With New MarkLogic 9 Technology
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Database landscapes have developed over the years giving birth to complex systems that can secure huge volumes of data. MarkLogi’s new release of the NoSQL database, which is set to be released before the end of 2016, will come with numerous features that should advance data safety and management. One of the main features that have been introduced includes the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) encryption system. 

MarkLogic has placed its bet on the need for companies to transmit data from different enterprise silos, a process that calls for the application of...

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Microsoft Working To Release Their Popular Database Software on June 1
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Microsoft has been working tirelessly to make a mark in the tech world by releasing a new SQL database, which is set to be launched on 1st June, 2016. This is a revolution that will offer companies a better way of managing their data, not forgetting the sync properties that will be availed for one to work on the same server with other Microsoft products. Its commercial release is a step that will help enterprises get better space and capability to manage their businesses. 

Companies waiting to embrace the SQL Server 2016 have been eagerly waiting for this to arrive. Unlike its...

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