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Microsoft Working To Release Their Popular Database Software on June 1
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Microsoft has been working tirelessly to make a mark in the tech world by releasing a new SQL database, which is set to be launched on 1st June, 2016. This is a revolution that will offer companies a better way of managing their data, not forgetting the sync properties that will be availed for one to work on the same server with other Microsoft products. Its commercial release is a step that will help enterprises get better space and capability to manage their businesses. 

Companies waiting to embrace the SQL Server 2016 have been eagerly waiting for this to arrive. Unlike its...

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Google Launches New Plans With the Open Stack Hybrid

OpenStack, a Google’s cloud computing platform has released yet another universal update of its code, which is a vital aspect that has deepened the relationship between the platform and Google’s public cloud. Google confirmed that the release of OpenStack will serve as a backup option for OpenStack Cinder in the public cloud. While this is not large software, it serves a significant role that will make the platform better. 

Save everything easily

The Google’s OpenStack block backup layer works with drivers to communicate to various storage providers. The system also...

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What can metadata reveal about out private online lives?

The term metadata is used to describe data that tells us about other data. These packets of information are not detailed but can help to build up a picture of what a user is doing over a period of time. For example, your metadata will reveal how many phone calls you made in the last day and how long each lasted, but it wouldn't record the conversations. It could also show certain areas of your hard disk, like file names, the amount of data in each and when they were last revised – but metadata could not display any of the content they contain.

Metadata is a major part of law...

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The problems you may encounter with virtualization
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Virtualisation has its share of pitfalls that you need to learn to avoid, or at least lessen your exposure/risk. There is a massive number of features and functionality to choose from, and making the right choice can be difficult.

Virtual machines are very easy to build and create when compared to all you need to do to commission a physical server, but VM on-demand has a price. Storage resources are easily consumed by your virtual machines that have become orphaned. Those are the ones that are not associated with a hypervisor, and/or the ones that are “zombie” machines...

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Free Online Courses in Big Data Provide Ways to Get Great IT Jobs
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Training data scientists is demanding in the world of IT and Big Data developments have meant there are insufficient qualified workers within the field. Waiting for qualified data scientists with PhDs would be tantamount to refusal by business users to take advantage of all the benefits opened by Big Data.

Big Data providers reckon there are six figure salary talent gap vacancies at this moment, with more employment opportunities than qualified workers possessing the ability to develop, administer or analyse data. Vendors of Big Data solutions have recognised the gap in the...

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The Race to Develop Big Data Solutions
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The big data race is well and truly on. Cutting edge solutions, based on big data, has already made its mark in many sectors, and top players in the industry are scrambling to develop more of such solutions. 

Apple has acquired Emotient, a startup that leverages big data to decipher human feelings, as evident through facial recognition software. The suite’s API leverages machine learning, cognitive science, and computer vision technologies to enable real-time analysis of neutral, positive, and negative emotions. The application measures 28 facial action units, such as nose...

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What is the Trend for Jobs in Big Data for 2016?
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The demand for skills in big data continues to rise and things are looking bright for those individuals well-versed in the field. Big Data experts are a demand in several sectors like Finance and Insurance, Technical and Scientific services, Informational Technology, Retail Trade and Manufacturing. The annual income of a skilled big data analyst is estimated at $124,000 p.a, and here is how you can position yourself to benefit from this.

Specialise in a Specific Description

You could can pursue a degree or diploma in data quality inspection, security analyst, software engineering,...

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Big Data Has Become Widely Accepted
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Big data is rapidly becoming widely accepted among organisations and even cities. Large data sets can give a company a distinct advantage over its competitors. The problem to date has been that analysing data from multiple sources is costly. As companies find ways around that issue, big data has started to be seen as an extension of conventional analysis.

Everyone Understands It
Where it was once only used by companies with access to massive computing power, big data has now gone mainstream. There are several reasons why this is happening. One is that cloud technology has made it easier...

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Technological Predictions for 2016
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Will this be the year that robots are invented? Are computers going to become smarter then humans in 2016. Mystics, tarot card readers and psychics have all been trying to predict the future for millions of years. In this article I will look at technological advances that are predicted to happen in 2016. 

Smart phones will get smarter

Smart phones will become longer lasting with greater battery life, meaning that you will be able to go days without charging your phone. Software and processors will use less battery helping your smart phone to save on power.

More and more smart phones...

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New dimensions in Big Data for 2016
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Whereas big data has redefined traditional data processing applications, it is evident that the emerging challenges pose new threats to data analysis, curation, querying and information privacy. As such, different symposiums and conferences are organised in the bid to curb these problems.

February 2016

The Second International Winter School on Big Data to be held in Bilbao, Spain will update fresh graduates and postgraduates on the recent developments in big data, including main challenges of analytics, search and mining, big data storage and management, and infrastructure. 


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