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Talends New Sandbox Facilitates Big Data Analytics
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Most businesses understand the power of Big Data, but few are able to harness it fully. Many of them are unable to leverage the data on hand to explore various business questions, seek different insights, or experiment with operational cases. They face serious limitations not just in skill-sets of developers under their disposal, but also in access to the right tools and technologies.

In such a scenario, the new Big Data sandbox launched by Talend, the global cloud and Big Data software provider, fills a big void. The sandbox allows companies to test and experiment with the latest Big Data...

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Amazon Powers Cloud With P2 For EC2
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Amazon Web Services has increased the power available to cloud users by adding P2 instances for EC2. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2, is built for companies that require resizable compute capacity. P2 is a new GPU instance which increases floating point performance.

Intensive Applications
Many companies have intensive applications which require robust GPU co-processors. P2 instances are suitable for many computational applications including:

  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Seismic analysis
  • Rendering
  • Molecular modeling

A maximum of 732 GB of memory is available through P2 instances. 16...

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The New Google AI - faster acces to insights
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On September 9, Google came up with a new feature to supplement its analytics to tap Artificial Intelligence (AI) so that insights can be generated automatically. The feature enables you to zero in to your specific data without consuming a lot of your time. You will now be able to generate numerous data surrounding your area of interest.

The automated feature, which is now supported in the Assistant screen found in the mobile app of Google analytics, allows you to gain access in just five minutes for what might have taken hours previously. This is according to a product manager from Google...

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Top Objections to Data lake
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Surrounding all the hype about data lake systems there is probably more hype than ever about the trouble and effort it takes to build such a system. A lot of organizations aren't prepared to change the way their data is stored and more often than not people don't want to accept data lake usage because they simply aren't familiar with it. 

To be able to get to the point to understand data lake you need to create, build and store. Many fellow data lake users have answered peoples objections in the following way: Isn't using data lakes just another hurdle to...

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Big Data Salaries in 2017
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The starting salaries for big data pros is expected to continue rising in 2017. This is partly due to the increased demand for highly skilled data professionals by companies. Robert Half technology, a recruiting and staffing firm, studied about 75 tech positions for the annual US tech salaries guide; where 13 positions in the data administration world were included. In summary, the starting salary for newly employed IT workers is expected to rise by 3.8% in 2017. In the data field, the data engineer is the highest paid; they can expect an initial salary ranging from $134,000...

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Tableau 10 offers faster and deeper analytics

Tableau 10 has been designed to offer unmatched features and numerous ways to see and act on data. It consists of a user interface and refreshed design, new mobile and analytical enhancements, novel alternatives for preparing data and an entirely new division of enterprise capabilities.

Numerous Ways to See and Act on Data

On its part, Tableau 10 presents additional ways for customers to observe their data in the tools they are accustomed to using each day, with the help for easy installing of Tableau dashboards.

Tableau 10 is embedded on the business-class Tableau Server and consists of a...

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MongoDB Introduces Atlas, the New Database-as-a-service
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The open source database, Mongo DB has been providing a viable alternative to traditional relational databases for quite a while. Now the company behind it has introduced MongoDB Atlas, a database-as-a-service. MongoDB Atlas is an on-demand service aimed at improving the management of the NoSQL database. Users will initially have access to the service on Amazon Web Services. It is expected that there will be support later on Microsoft Azure and Google Public Cloud. MongoDB is providing these options so that vendors have an easier time with migration between these cloud providers. Vendors...

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MapR software helps to make data management easier
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The distributor of MapR, Hadoop, has introduced the latest management tools that make it easier for organisations to get a control over their big data and handle their deployments. MapR consists of several big data technologies, offering customised dashboards and better visibility that helps to maximise administrator productivity. Although businesses already have monitoring tools for managing their data, MapR allows them to integrate their existing infrastructure into this tool. 

The future of Hadoop 
With real-time database capacities, enterprise storage, and global event...

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IT Giants Vow to Trust One Another

Microsoft and Google have long been major rivals in various part of the IT sector. The competition between the two technology giants has led to multiple court cases across the world, with each party claiming the other has breached competition and regulatory laws. 

Recently these legal battles have been halted, as the pair have apparently decided that the best way forward is to sort out their differences in private. Both Google and Microsoft have appointed new chief executives in the last few years - Satya Nadella for Microsoft and Sundar Pichai of Google. The two executives are on...

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What Predictive Analytics Means in a World of Big Data
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Big data is a deceptively simple concept that seems ubiquitous with the modern world. The idea of being able to gather and compute huge amounts of seemingly disparate data is still a relatively recent concept and yet it's so ingrained in the modern psyche that we rarely give it a second thought. Using these vast data streams to analyse and predict patterns of development in the future is the wheelhouse of predictive analytics.


Simplicity is the Key

While the idea of predictive analytics may seem baffling to some, the key component of the process is pure simplicity. Many people...

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